Police Apologize for ‘Body Slam’ Incident Against A Student Protester

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TOPNEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta The Banten Police Chief Insp. Gen. Rudy Heriyanto on Wednesday met with a college student M. Faris Amrullah (31) who had previously participated in a rally and became a victim of excessive force committed by a police officer securing the protest. 

In a viral video that quickly spread through social platforms, the student can be seen being in a chokehold and was slammed to the ground by the police and violently landed on the back of his head. Amrullah then can be seen shaking uncontrollably laying on the ground seemingly experiencing a seizure.

The police chief issued a public apology for the ill-treatment from one of the force’s personnel during the protest that was held at the Tangerang Regent headquarters on October 13.

“Representing the Banten Police force, I offer my apology to Faris and his father [after Faris] was treated with violence by a member of the Tangerang Police during the protest. We assure that there will be a firm punishment handed to the police member who’s currently being questioned by the Police Internal Affairs (Propam),” said the police chief.

The police member who was responsible for the excessive use of force was quickly placed in a public conference with Amrullah and his parents to convey his apology. Both parties have made peace following the potentially deadly incident. 

In order to make sure the student does not have lasting health effects due to being slammed to the ground the Tangerang Police Chief Grand. Comm. Wahyu Sri Bintoro swiftly transported Amrullah to the Harapan Mulia Tigaraksa Hospital and was immediately treated for injuries the student might have sustained. 

The police covered the costs of a series of health checks and medicines administered for the student. Moreover, police claim that the heated situation during the protest between negotiators and protesters after the students demanded the presence of the Tangerang Regent, which police say was absent in meeting the protesters due to participating in the commemoration of Tangerang Regency’s 389th anniversary.

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