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As communicators, we also need to give messages without rushing so that the message can be understood. Prepare the compatible devices or medium. If you are going to use presentation material, it’s best to use lots of pictures instead of words so it doesn’t get boring. Interactive communication is also very good, for example by sharing experiences with trainees, or discussing case studies that are relevant to everyday situations.

The most important thing for dr. Nurlan is focus on the output that will be given, so the material must be measurable and practicable. The theories should be presented along with case studies so that trainees are prepared to face common situations. Doctor Nurlan reminded us that in medical science, make sure that trainees not only memorize the material but also understand and sharpen the strategic thinking. If the material is wrapped in a personal story, then they will focus and pay attention because this message is considered important to them.

Of course, it won’t be easy for everyone because there are also those who are not comfortable speaking in public. That’s why it takes a lot of practice, because it must be realized that the message, we convey will make an impression and generate feedback, whether people will be interested in connecting later or want to network with us. So, when giving material, pay attention to our appearance. For example, wear clothes with bright colors, smile and be friendly to give a positive aura,” explained dr. Nurlan.

The recipient might not be able to receive messages entirely. The message received must be processed and would perhaps take a long time and continuously, so it is important to do a follow up with the trainees.

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