Ridwan Kamil Admits Gap between Covid-19 Data by Regional, Central Govt

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TOPNEWS.MY.ID, Bandung – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil confirmed that there was unsynchronized data on Covid-19 reports issued by the regional and central government. “The data gap is still happening today. What I announce every day (Covid-19 cases), 20-30 percent of them are old cases, which are late [to be announced],” he said on Monday, July 12.

The governor, who is familiarly known as Emil, added that he had asked the central government to fix the data gap since last year. “I can’t say anything else, because I don’t understand it’s been a year since I asked for it (data sync),” he said.

Emil claimed he preferred to convey data on the bed occupancy rate (BOR) of isolation rooms or hospital beds to describe the Covid-19 trend in his region. He informed that the BOR as of Monday dropped by 3 percent.

“Our BOR has decreased by 3 percent. Hopefully, this will be the start of controlling Covid-19. When the Emergency PPKM was applied, it reached 90.69 percent. Today, or seven days later, it is 87.6 percent,” he informed.

Emil went on to disclose that West Java has more than 80,000 active cases. The province’s Covid-19 coordination and information center recorded 89,363 Covid-19 patients undergoing isolation or treatment.

“Of the 80,000 active cases in West Java, 60,000 patients are at home (undergoing self-isolation). That’s why we believe that free medicine and teleconsultation are the right solutions,” Ridwan Kamil remarked, adding that the provincial government continued to boost tracing and testing.

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