Gojek Vaccination Spreads Across 29 Indonesian Regions

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TOPNEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta The chief transport officer of Gojek Raditya Wibowo, claimed that the vaccination program funded by the company has spread to 29 cities and regencies. 

“Less than the past four months we continued to optimize the vaccination program so our partner drivers and Gojek customers can feel safer throughout their journeys,” said Wibowo on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, as quoted by Bisnis.com

Raditya believed that public outdoor activities have grown for the past months which eventually increases the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia. 

He said that the company continues to collaborate intensively with stakeholders such as the secure health-tech platform Halodoc, Indonesia’s central government, and regional administrations to accelerate the vaccination process of Gojek partners nationwide. 

The company asserts its seriousness towards eradicating Covid-19 by introducing a new feature in its latest mobile app update that enables customers to view a driver’s vaccination status. 


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