Police Foil Drug Trafficking Scheme from Middle Eastern Syndicate

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TOPNEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta – National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo announced Monday the Jakarta Police had confiscated 1,129 tons of crystal meth that allegedly originated from a Middle Eastern-Indonesian drug trafficking syndicate. The drugs were initially meant to be distributed in Jakarta and West Java. 

“They planned to distribute them in the two regions,” he said at the Jakarta Police headquarters in a press conference on Monday, June 14. 

To illustrate the magnitude of the situation if the drugs managed to reach the streets, he said the staggering amount could affect the lives of 5.6 million people and reach a street value of Rp1.694 trillion.

“We save the lives of 5.6 million people from potentially misusing narcotics,” he said.

The police are currently still investigating this Middle Eastern drug syndicate with the identities of several suspects already included in their manhunt. The amount of crystal meth was based on confiscations across three different locations spread at Mount Sindur, Bogor; Bekasi Town Square, East Bekasi; and Basura Apartment in East Jakarta.

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