Greater Jakarta LRT Project Sets Completion Deadline in Early 2022

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TOPNEWS.MY.ID, Jakarta State-owned construction firm PT Adhi Karya announced the progress of the Greater Jakarta light rail transit (LRT Jabodetabek) construction during phase 1 has reached 84.76 percent as of May. The track, and the project as a whole, measures up to 44 kilometers in total.

“As of May this year the progress has reached 84.76 percent and nearly every track only needs finishing steps,” said Adhi Karya corporate secretary Farid Budiyanto when inspecting the LRT Jabodetabek project on June 4. 

The LRT track connecting Cawang-Cibubur is the most completed section of the project with 93.81 percent completed including its physical station’s construction. There are currently 25 train sets available that are parked at the service path I that will later be parked at the East Bekasi LRT Depot.

A little contrast to the construction of the tracks and stations, the train depot construction is slightly behind schedule as the progress recorded 44.18 percent completion with a contract value of Rp4.2 trillion.

He hoped that through the progress Adhi Karya would be able to complete the construction in early 2022 and make the LRT services commercially operational mid-2022.

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